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Camel Cigarettes


as a result of the development of the brand aimed at strengthening the position of "camel" in the world market, several types of cigarettes were created, which differ not only in their taste and aroma, but also in their composition. Based on this, on the shelves of modern stores you can see certain varieties of cigarettes produced under this brand. The list of such products, which has become a cult on the world market, is as follows:

These cigarettes are most in line with the spirit of classic products discontinued as a result of the reconstruction of the industry. They are the successors of the traditions of their ancestors. So, Camel contains the highest dosage of nicotine and related resins. Their figures are 0.9 mg and 12 mg respectively, contained in one cigarette, which occupies a leading position in the content of harmful substances. The very process of Smoking causes a strong toxic effect on the body, poisoning it and disrupting the work of all organs.

Camel Blue is a cigarette with a reduced number of harmful components, the values of which look a little different than the successor of the classic product. The nicotine content in this brand is 0.7 mg in the presence of 8 mg of resins.

in turn, Camel Natural Flavor 4 is the most harmless variation of these cigarettes, causing the least toxic effect on the body. However, even nicotine in the amount of 0.4 mg and resin in the amount of 4 mg can harm health.

Camel Filter, which is an alternative to classic cigarettes, can be considered a Special kind. This variety has a fundamentally different composition of the tobacco mixture, providing the cigarette quite strong taste and sweet aroma. At the same time, they include a sufficient amount of harmful substances that can quickly lead to the formation of harmful dependence. Nicotine is 0.8 mg and resin is 10 mg, which is quite high.